Moisture, Butters, and Oils: An Overview

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How often have you heard a person with natural hair say: “I use an oil or a butter to seal moisture into my hair.” After the fact, have you ever walked away slightly confused? Afterall, what is the difference between an oil or a butter? And how exactly do you seal moisture into your hair? Here is a great article from Rory, the creator of Chocolatehairvanillacare, that answers those questions.

Blackstrap Molasses & Yogurt Deep Conditioner Recipe

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Sometimes your hair can use a really good moisture kick. When it comes to supplying your hair with what it needs, look no further than your kitchen to give your curls and coils back their spring. Want moisture? Try a molasses and yogurt deep conditioner. Blackstrap molasses is chocked fulled of vitamins that your hair will love like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Combining molasses with yogurt helps to detangle and moisturize your hair.

Yes, I Wash My Hair with Mud & I LOVE it!

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Yes, my hair is in love with mud… well technically it is not mud. In actuality, it is bentonite clay. In fact, clays like Bentonite clay and Rhassoul clay are known for their cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. Now, before you tap into your inner mixtress and break out the measuring cups and handmixer, you should know that you can buy an organic, clay infused hair wash already expertly hand crafted, bottled, and packaged. It is called Terressentials Organic Pure Earth Hair Wash and comes in a variety of fragrances like lemon, cool mint, and lavender garden.

Banana Moisturizes Natural & Curly Hair

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Did you know bananas can be moisturizing for your hair? In fact, this fruit packs a powerful bunch when it comes to nourishing hair strands.

Why Biotin Vitamin is Healthy for Hair

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Biotin is a vitamin B supplement which helps to maintain healthy hair.* Biotin helps strengthen the hair shaft allowing it to retain length. A deficiency in Biotin is linked to hair loss.

Benefits for hair…
  • Generates red blood cells which improves the flow of blood to the scalp
  • Strengthens the hair by providing it with protein
  • Helps hair retain length, generates hair growth
  • Improves thin, splitting, brittle hair