Mud Shampoo Hair Wash Recipe

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clay in spoon

Mud Wash or clay wash can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, or deep conditioner. Mud Wash makes the hair easier to detangle, moisturizes dry hair, and defines the curl pattern. Mud Wash is created by mixing bentonite or rhassoul clay with aloe vera juice and essentials oils.

Coconut Milk Pre-Poo Recipe

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coconut milk

A coconut milk pre-poo strengthens and nourishes dry, damaged natural hair.

Coconut Oil, Lemon, Grapefruit Scalp Treatment Recipe

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Scalp treatments are ideal for a scalp suffering from chronic dryness, dandruff, oiliness or clogged pores. I personally love scalp treatments because they clean my scalp of any product build up. For a scalp in needed of a good cleansing, I suggest using my Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub recipe. It is easy to make, inexpensive and has good results.

Koils By Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-in Conditioner

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I was inspired to purchase Koils by Nature Shealoe Leave-in Conditioner during their free shipping & handling sale some months ago. The product arrived in a timely manner and I received a coupon with my first purchase. At first, the product worked smoothly. The leave-in conditioner imparted sheen and moisture to my hair. The results were visible!

However, as the winter months progressed (I purchased this product in December), the leave-in conditioner and I had to part ways. It no longer satisfied my hair needs. In fact, instead of adding moisture to my tresses, it felt as if the Koils by Nature Shealoe, was drying my hair out.

I would twist my hair only to unravel a dry twist out the next morning. I am willing to give Koils by Nature another try (perhaps with one of their hair butters), but I doubt I will purchase the Shealoe Leave-in Conditioner again.

Koils By Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-in Conditioner (for my hair) did not…
  • Create long-lasting moisture
  • Help to detangle my hair
  • Keep my hair soft to touch