15 Survival Tips for Winter Natural Hair Care

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Making sure your hair stays moisturized and healthy during the cold seasons, like winter, can help increase your hair growth and length. Here are some helpful tips from naturahairteens to keep in mind as you care for your hair during the winter.

How Make Your Own Hair Steamer

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Steaming natural hair is a great way to moisturize your coils, preventing breakage that is created by dry, brittle hair strands. Steaming hair while wearing a conditioner allows the conditioner to penetrate your hair cuticles creating soft, nourished hair. You do not have to purchase an expensive hair steamer to get the benefits of steaming. Making your own hair steamer can be as simple as using a plastic shower cap and a hot towel.

Benefits of Hair Steaming
  • Balances moisture content in hair
  • Allows your coils, curls to clump naturally
  • Allows hair to be flat ironed easier
  • Helps in preventing dandruff
  • Promotes hair growth
Follow these steps to create your own hair steamer!