4 Definitions Every Natural Should Know

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The terms humectant, humidity, cold pressed, and emollient are used frequently on natural hair sites, forums, and blogs. Many times these terms are not defined and yet understanding what they may mean is important in caring for natural hair.

Read on for the definition of each word and why it is important to know in relation to your hair.

Cucumber Deep Conditioner Recipe

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Is your natural hair in need of a good deep condition? Try this refreshing deep conditioner made with cucumbers and Greek Yogurt. Cucumbers are high in vitamin A and promote hair growth. Greek Yogurt is great source of protein and moisture for your hair while also aiding in detangling. A special thanks to Rockin’ it Napptural for the inspiration behind this recipe. Follow the steps below to achieve soft, conditioned hair.

The Benefits of Cucumbers for Hair and Body

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Cucumbers also reduce inflammation and because the are very high in Alkaline minerals, prevent cancer in the body. If cucumbers are this beneficial for the body, what makes you think they aren’t beneficial to your hair?

How To Use Olive Oil to Pre-Poo Your Hair

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Similar to a hot oil treatment, a pre-poo is a hair conditioning treatment that is done before shampooing or washing the hair using a conditioner or oil.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to do an Olive oil pre-poo treatment for your natural hair.

What have been your results with using Olive oil to pre-poo your hair?