Breather Easier with DIY Chest Rub

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by Stephanie Gerber for Hello Natural Co.

My first cold of the season snuck up on me. Something about the change in seasons always disrupts my immune system, sending my allergies into overdrive. And there’s nothing worse than that stuffed-up, can’t-breathe, run-down feeling. Sometimes if I catch it early enough I can keep the sickness at bay (or at least prevent a sinus infection). The choice between decongestants that wire you or antihistamines that turn you into a zombie makes it easy to look for alternatives.

Ideally, I’d soak in a long, hot bath and enjoy a long, restful sleep. That never happens. Second best option: a shower that opens the sinuses and a simple chest rub that helps make the most of every minute of rest.

The Best Oil Mix For Natural Hair Growth And Shine

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Jensine from writes for Curly Nikki:

One of my favorite discoveries along my natural hair journey has been finding my love for hair DIY recipes. Oils, butters, tea rinses... you name it! If any of you out there are self proclaimed, “mixtresses,” this one’s for you.

My most loved hair oil recipe is one that has helped me increase length retention and add a little shine without looking greasy. Not to mention, my thick and often wild type 4 hair is softer than it's ever been.

These days, almost every hair oil recipe has coconut oil or EVOO. While these two oils are tried and true favorites, I think it’s time to let some other oils share the spotlight. You can find any of the oils featured in this video at your local health food store and you can store it in an applicator bottle for easy use.

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