The Real Truth on Red Food Dye (Lake Colorants)

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I came across this image on the toxicity of red food dyes. Red food dyes are commonly found in pre-packaged foods, but they are also rampant in cosmetics like lipstick and even mouth wash.

Unbeknownst to most, these synthetic dyes are not be taken lightly. The facts point to how regular and frequent ingestion of food dyes (a.k.a. Lake colorants) can adversely affect your health.

How to Avoid Food Dyes

1. The top way is to read your ingredients. Lake colorants are usually listed in the last lines of the ingredient label.
2. Look for lipsticks and body care products made with organic ingredients and without additives and lake colorants.

Going Deeper

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Essential Oils for Beating the Wintertime Blues

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Feeling a little down? It happens… especially during winter time when overcast days seem to stretch on. I found this helpful article by Healing Solutions that explains how using essential oils can naturally boost your energy and resolve.

The Uplifting Power of Essential Oils

It’s pretty normal to feel a little down during the cold winter months and health professionals have found a number of different contributors to SAD including: a lack of sunlight, poor diet, and low-quality sleep. Use these energizing and uplifting essential oils to give your mood a boost this winter!

Hello Beautiful! Lipstick on Indy Style

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Have you heard the news? Recently I was on Indy Style talking about the anti-aging effects of ingredients in my Hello Beautiful! Lipstick. Watch the video below.

Our model Paula Matshazi wearing Hello Beautiful! Lipstick on Indy Style

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