Why We Don’t Use Fragrance or Essential Oils in Our Lipstick


Cosmetics containing fragrance may cause adverse effects on your health as fragrance is not regulated by the FDA. When creating Hello Beautiful! Lipstick, I decided not to include fragrance of any kind in our lipstick. Here’s why.

Fragrance: Not All Smells Well, Ends Well
Fragrance, otherwise known as aroma or natural flavor, is largely used to add a pleasing scent or taste to cosmetics. For example, fragrances like vanilla or orange flavoring are included in lipsticks to make them taste sweet. Fragrance is usually created by combining synthetic chemicals and it is not regulated by the FDA. That means companies do not have to reveal what chemicals are included in their fragrances. In other words, any chemical may be hidden under the word “fragrance” on the ingredient list.

The issue when it comes to putting fragrance in lipsticks is that lipstick is easily ingested from eating, drinking, and licking the lips.

What makes Fragrance Less Safe
Some fragrances may cause “health problems such as cancer” as well as negatively affect the “reproductive” system by exposure to toxins. Other issues include allergies and skin sensitives (CFSC).

What’s more, fragrance can also contain phthalates which are linked to possible “preterm birth and impaired underdevelopment in girls (NYTimes).”

The Case Against Essential Oils: Allergies
Instead of fragrance, some cosmetics include essential oils. Essential oils are oils that have been extracted from plant leaves, fruits, stems, or roots. Depending on the method of extraction, essential oils can be a safer alternative to fragrance in cosmetics.

However, essential oils also pose a problem for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Think about it, just because an essential oil is non-irritating for you does not mean it is like that for the next person. For example, I am allergic to lavender essential oil. As a result any organic or natural product containing lavender essential oil causes my skin to break out.

This is the reason why I decided not to include any essential oils or fragrance when making my Hello Beautiful! Lipstick. I wanted to create lipstick that everyone could use. Why have fragrance in your lipstick if you can have an unscented, sensitive skin lipstick?

If you want a sweet taste on your lips, try making and using our Brown Sugar Lip Scrub before applying our Hello Beautiful! Lipstick. Your pout will thank you for it.

Sources: A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals



  1. Your article made me an informed consumer-thank you! And I will try the lip scrub too; I have such trouble with peeling skin on my lips especially during this time of the year.

    1. Hello! Glad this article was helpful to you and gave you some important info you did not know before. Let me know if there is another chemical you would like us to research. I hope the lip scrub works for you too - I love it!