The Benefits of Beeswax

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Beeswax has been described as the “miracle of the beehive.” And for good reason. This amber, holistic wax accelerates blood flow, increases energy for speedy anti-aging properties and is also hypoallergenic. Read below to learn three reasons why we include this healthy wax as an ingredient in our lipsticks.

1. Skin Protectant, Low Pore Clog

Beeswax is a “wonderful skin softener and protector” creating a delicate covering over the skin which effectively locks in moisture and hydration and is moderately low on the non comedogenic rating, scoring a 2/5, which means it has a low ability to clog pores.

2. Triple Anti-Infection

Not forgetting beeswax’s light aromatic, slightly balsamic aroma, when “applied topically this wax contains anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties” that protect the skin from bacteria and infection.
Beeswax varies in color depending on when it is harvested and other factors

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A, which is known for being anti-aging and wrinkle reducing, is also in beeswax and can aid in the healing and “reconstruction of damaged skin cells.”

Some products may add fragrance to beeswax or use a chemical process to alter its natural aroma. In order to avoid this read the ingredient list and look for lip products that do not contain artificial fragrances.

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Photo credit: One Good Thing


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